GFG Alliance: CSR Education Project for The GFG Foundation

Rewise Learning works with The GFG Foundation to create bespoke CSR education projects in order to develop the STEM skills of young people in local schools.

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GFG Foundation Education Course

What is a CSR Education Project?

CSR means corporate social responsibility. This is a well used self-regulating business model which helps businesses be socially accountable. By practicing CSR and implementing CSR projects, the company can be conscious of what impact they are having on society including the economy and environment.

A CSR education project is a course or resources aimed towards people (students, communities etc.) to help them learn about a certain topic. The CSR project is often branded or delivered by the company to show their involvement. For example, McDonald’s could create a healthy eating education project to help to balance out their negative implications of their fast food.

What is The GFG Foundation?

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GFG Foundation

The GFG Foundation is an initiative set up by GFG Alliance. GFG Alliance is a collection of global businesses owned by the Gupta Family. These businesses range from steel to energy companies. GFG Alliance is a leader in sustainable industry with a mission to become Carbon Neutral by 2030.

In February 2017, Sanjeev and Nicola Gupta launched a registered charity, the Gupta Family Group Foundation (The GFG Foundation), as an initiative to develop the skills of young people. The charity aims to help people start and continue working in specific industries, notably engineering, metals and renewable energy.

GFG Alliance and GFG Foundation approached us to help them create an education-based CSR project. This would aim to connect schools and young people with the business and engineering industry. We designed an education CSR programme to help inspire young people to engage with STEM subjects, learning pathways, and future careers. This was called “Geared Up For STEM”.

What is Geared Up for STEM?

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