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Our Work with Universities: Branded Education Projects

We work with University education schemes, such as Reaching Wider, to promote chosen subjects and further education. Giving students who wouldn't normally be exposed to this kind of learning a chance to flourish.

Education STEM project for secondary school students
University Education Project for CSR

What are university education schemes?

Most universities have education schemes that use courses and resources to promote further education to primary and secondary schools. Some degree schools within the university deliver courses in their chosen subject to students in order to highlight skills in that subject. For example, a popular university education course for school students is a STEM course.

It is also a great way for universities to create addition CSR initiatives to connect with local communities. Creating education courses for students in areas where there is typically lower progression to university can be really effective and enhance these children's confidence.

Our Branded Education Programmes for Universities

We ensure universities connect with communities and society through creating and delivering innovative education programmes and resources. Rewise Learning can help you create and deliver bespoke CSR initiatives to help your business give back to those who need it the most.

Whatever the subject or reason, we can create a education-based CSR project focusing on highlighting your university brand values. We create education-based CSR program for a range of institutions, allowing them to give back to communities.

Our work with Oxford Brookes Study Higher

University CSR Course
Computer Coding for Coding Camper Education Course

Rewise Learning helped Reach Higher, an Oxford Brookes funded organisation, to create and deliver bespoke STEM learning programmes. With the help of the Rewise team, students were able to craft and code their own remote controlled car which encouraged team building and boosted confidence all whilst helping the young people gain knowledge on higher education opportunities.

The education workshop allowed the students to boost their team building skills whilst building their confidence in STEM; coding and building. The course was specifically designed alongside existing curriculum which made learning easier for the students. The participants gained increased knowledge of STEM subjects which could possibly progress to studying in higher education.

In addition, the education course created an awareness of the brands Oxford Brookes University and Reach Higher. The education programme improved the prospects of students going to university and increased their knowledge of STEM based degrees. We hope our engaging education course inspired students to pursue further education in these subjects.

University of Wales Trinity St David UWTSD and Reaching Wider

Reaching Wider CSR education course for csr
Education Course for UWTSD

Rewise Learning, in conjunction with Reaching Wider UWTSD, have created a few projects with the aim of helping schools in South Wales learn in a fun way. I:Explore is a STEAM project providing students with the opportunity to build, decorate, and race mini cars. Whereas, I:Ganu is a music and singing workshop aiming to promote the learning of the Welsh language in schools.

I:Explore, a STEAM project, is a workshop designed for Year 10 pupils that provides them with the knowledge, skills, and materials to build, decorate, and race mini Drag Racer Cars. With the help of Rewise Tutors, students successfully built their own cars which allowed them to discover opportunities arising from studying STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) subjects. Information was also given on Further Education and Career pathways that relate to STEAM industries.

I:Ganu is a music and singing workshop aiming to promote the development of the Welsh Language as a second language in primary schools. Rewise created and delivered a workshop to engage and support pupils who are learning Welsh. The song creation give the students an exciting opportunity to showcase their language skills whilst bringing a ‘cool’ factor to learning Welsh.

Students from both courses felt more confident in respective subjects after they completed the course. Students, parents/guardians, and teachers were made more aware of the university and the education scheme Reaching Wider UWSTD.

Rewise Learning Education Projects

If you are an University and want to create further CSR initiatives and create a bespoke branded education project, contact us below. Get closer to your community and make an impact!


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