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Why Do People From Wales Celebrate St David’s and How To Wish Someone Happy St David’s Day in Welsh

St. David’s day is celebrated by many welsh people and lands on March 1st every year. But why do millions of welsh people celebrate it every year?

Who Was St David and Why Do The Welsh Celebrate Him?

Thought to be born 1,500 years ago, St David was descended from Welsh royalty the son of Sanctus (King of Ceredigion) and a nun called Nonnita. In the medieval times people believed that he descended from King Arthur.

Later in life, St David was made an archbishop after being a monk at a young age. His monastery, which he founded, is known as St David's today. There is a cathedral and palace built on the site where the original monastery would be.

There are many legends about St David which is why he leads a big legacy in Wales even to this day. Stories describe St David as rising from the dead or water springs appearing with each milestone of his life.

St David died in 589 AD at 100 years old and since the 12th century he has been celebrated by the Western Catholic Church. St David was canonised by Pope Callistus II and March 1st has been a day for celebration since then.

How To Greet Someone on St David’s Day

Millions of Welsh people will be celebrating today, on March 1st, but what should you say to them?

To say “Happy St David’s Day” in Welsh, you say “Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus”. The pronunciation could be quite difficult but typically it is pronounced “ Deethe goo-eel Dew-ee happ-iss.” You could even greet them by offering Welsh cakes or a bunch of Daffodils.

Many traditional schools in Wales will hold festivals for St David’s day today. This involves dressing up in traditional welsh dress or even rugby kits. It is a great day to celebrate your patriotism!

Rewise Learning

Rewise Learning was founded in Wales and many of our employees will be celebrating St David’s Day today. To find out more about how Rewise Learning was founded check our page below.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!


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